Service for cafes and restaurants

Increases impulse sales, increases the share of regular customers, contributes to the growth of quality and speed of service.

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Easy to use

No staff training required

is Implemented in one day

No wires and no electricity


Login with secure password

Fast and scalable

Flexible adaptation to the client


Speeds up the process customer service

Allows customers to communicate with the restaurant while at the table

We have developed a module, which is located on the table.

the Client receives direct access to the restaurant menu and all its services on the phone screen

with one touch of this module with his smartphone, A separate download of any application is not required

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Stimulates customer loyalty

Elevates the quality of customer service and maintenance to a new level

it Often happens that the customers opinion about the restaurant consists not only of the quality of preparation of dishes, their presentation and situation, but
the speed of order processing personnel. The new technology allows to push this human factor to the second place and to reduce this dependence.

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Gives the possibility to remotely monitor processes in the restaurant

In real time, the management team is able to track and receive information about the processing time of
orders and customer opinions, identify bottlenecks and problems of the institution, recognize the growing demand and establish
feedback with visitors.

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